Director of Marketing - NYC

Brooklyn, New York, United States


Daybreaker is a Brooklyn-based social enterprise and morning dance and wellness move-ment in 23 cities around the world with a community of 500K+ and growing. Our bread and butter are weekday morning events that start with a one hour yoga + fitness experience followed by a 2-hour dance party all before going to work. We are a substance-free community and are reimagining how humans socialize (in the morning / without alcohol or drugs). We are experience designers and community builders with a results-oriented management team that is set on building a lasting movement that solves a major societal problem: loneliness and isolation. Ultimately, our goal is to invite more play, more community, and more belonging.

Director of Marketing

Position Summary:

The Director of Marketing is responsible for leading all of Daybreaker’s marketing initiatives, including creating and executing marketing strategy, online promotions and materials, media partnerships, influencer partnerships, community member acquisition, loyalty programs, digital advertising and branding, and more. The Director of Marketing is ultimately responsible for driving ticket sales at all Daybreaker locations and thinking through how to reach aligned community members and partners to join our movement.



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