Event Producer & Community Architect // BERLIN

Berlin, Germany


Hello friend. We are Daybreaker, a community of early risers whose mission is to stitch the world back together through dance, self-expression, music and mischief. We are a team of Community Architects, Experience Designers, Artists, Performers, and Mischief Makers — and we create experiences IRL so that we can get back to connecting with one another through all five of our senses, not just two (our phones) — and in the morning when our bodies are the most energetic and awake. With the isolation epidemic our most pressing global problem — that bleeds into every aspect of humanity (when we don't belong, we don't care about the environment, animals, we lack empathy etc.) — we are solving this problem with the most POTENT solution: DANCE. When we bring movement, music, fun, aliveness, play and dance into the conversation, all of a sudden, eradicating isolation begins to feel achievable. Daybreaker is now in 26 cities with a community of 500K+ activated members who wake up at sunrise to dance with reckless abandon, all without substances.

And now, we are launching in BERLIN and are looking for YOU — the most passionate, creative, curious, and service oriented Community Architect and Experience Designer who is as excited as we are to level their city up and create a space for all ages, all shapes, all genders and sexual orientations to come together, connect and dance.

Daybreaker is a 3-hour experience, typically from 6am to 9am where the first hour is yoga or fitness and the next two hours is a full-on, immersive, performative dance party. Imagine seeing breakdancers, aerialists, fire spinners and dueling violinists — all before going to work.

A few words from our community:

"Daybreaker is a SPIRITUAL experience. It's the first dance floor I've truly let go on and have felt years of trauma leave my body. Dancing is medicine and I never understood that until I went to Daybreaker. Thank you for creating such an inclusive, substance-free judgement-free space. I never miss one now."

"I didn't realize how co-dependent having fun and drinking was for me until I went to Daybreaker and had the best morning of my life, completely sober!

"Dancing is truly the BEST way to stay healthy and active! I probably burn 1000 calories at Daybreaker! I forgot that "working out" could actually be FUN!"

"I met my now best friend on the dance floor. We made eye contact on the dance floor, smiled and twirled each other around! It took real courage for me since I usually only get wild when I'm on something. It was SO freeing to meet someone AS ME. Thank you Daybreaker!"

"Daybreaker inspired me to come out to my family. After feeling so included and so free, I had the courage to share with my family who I really am. Thank you for changing my life in such a pivotal way."

This is a critical moment for humanity. We can go in two directions — into a VR headset or into our most present human experience. It's time to shed all the layers and get back to dance. We believe dance is the antidote. Let's make magic.


As a member of the Daybreaker team, you will be welcomed into our global family, dedicated to spreading love and mischief around the world.

As a Daybreaker Event Producer & Community Architect ("Producer" for short), you are the face of Daybreaker in your city. You will be responsible for building an engaged and passionate community, producing mind-blowing experiences, and promoting the events to relevant audiences. You will be supported by the Daybreaker HQ team, who will coach and train you to be the best Producer you can be. We’ll provide you with the skeleton of what you need to produce Daybreaker events, grow your community, and uphold the global brand. It’s up to you to bring the hustle, passion, and creative zeal to create unique and refreshing experiences that participants will love. You'll be in charge of finding venues, sourcing talent and performers, cultivating a volunteer production team, coordinating with vendors and sponsors, creating local partnerships, and producing monthly events. We’ll provide marketing, communications, operations, branding, sponsorship, financing, and PR support so that you can concentrate on creating experiences that participants will never forget.

This is a paid part-time role, approximately 10 hours per week.


The ideal Producer should live a healthy, conscious lifestyle. You should have a big heart and love dance music. You should be detailed and hard-working — a savvy and competent professional. You should be active in the startup/tech industry, the health & wellness world, and/or local arts & culture community. You should have a big network of millennials you can tap into, already be leader in your community, and know how to produce a great event start-to-finish that immerses people and transcends the commonplace. Ideally (but not required), you are a Burning Man participant.


+ An entrepreneurial mindset and independent approach to your work — you should be an organized self-starter

+ Several years of large-scale event production experience

+ A strong network of influencers, creatives, doers and people who say YES to amazing experiences

+ Phenomenal community-building background — you should be a natural organizer of people

+ Cultural savvy in your city — you should be plugged into the local arts + music scene in your city to know what's cool and who's talented

+ A flexible schedule

+ A big heart, a clear mind, and a voracious appetite for all things that surprise and delight


+ Insights and hands-on coaching on experience design, event production, brand management, and community development -- all best practices that have grown Daybreaker into a global movement

+ Access to a global network of artists, DJs, and musicians who are excited to participate and add to the experience

+ Collaborate with an international community of amazing Producers committed to the Daybreaker movement and creating unique experiences around the world — you can consider these folks your new global family

+ Monthly strategy sessions with Daybreaker HQ

+ Invitations to exclusive events such as art exhibitions, underground dance parties, startup mixers, family dinners, and mindful experiences

+ Local and global support from our PR team, who has landed Daybreaker major features in leading publications like The New York Times, GQ, and The Washington Post.

If this sounds like your dream job, and you're serious about the role, then we would love to receive your application. We're excited to chat with you!

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